About Immobilien-hochdrei Glaus & Partner

The property business, run by managing director Sandy Glaus and partner Franco Zimmerman, prides itself on handling everything to do with your property quickly and fairly.

Its expertise lies in property management.

With us, you are assured of a trustworthy, committed and reliable partner by your side

Sandy Glaus and Franco Zimmermann, owners of Krokus Gartenpflege GmbH, have long been known for their fascination for homes, experience in handling contractual services and interest in the property market and wider network.

As a team, we support, advise and guide you on all matters relating to the management/administration, sale/brokerage and rental of your home and investment properties.

As an experienced operator in this sector, we strive to provide an impeccable service for a fair and realistic market price to both sides – buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants.

Our approach:

we listen to your needs and wishes, we work together with banks and we conduct property assessments. We come back to you with the bank’s financing proposal, and a comparison of the asking price with the actual price.

We are all about a fast and fair sale.

Do you have any questions? Would you like our help?

Please get in touch with us.

We are here for you!

Sandy Glaus – Hoch3 Glaus & Partners Property

Sandy Glaus

Company owner